Photon UI almost killed my Gila

So with Photon UI being Opt-Out now I figured might as well get used to it. But not even an hour in and on my 3rd or 4th abyssal this happen. my drone window became a lie, a hoax, an illusion… Jokes aside though all intractability with the drone window just didn’t exist anymore as you can see in the video below. Luckily I’m not as stupid as I look and came up with a workaround on the spot and pulled through but this shouldn’t happen to begin with. The penalties for failure in this game are far to harsh for vital components to just stop working mid action, this has to be better.

[Photon UI Drone window bug - YouTube](Horribly choppy remember to push shadowplay mid catastrophy video)

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same thing happened to me too…buggy, crude, unpolished, unfinished and inpractical ui

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