Unity Workers and Resources

Unity is a socialist commune whose main tasks include resistance to the liberal and bourgeois horrors of New Eden corporations.
Building a fair society for all residents of the EVE universe is what our commune lives and develops for.
Our motto - Unite the proletarians of the universe!

Unity is managed centrally through the Central Committee of the party (a body that determines domestic and foreign policy, which carries out general management and control over the activities of members of the commune. It is elected for a certain term.), And also temporarily acting as the Supreme Council (It is convened during certain periods. It is assembled from among deputies exclusively consisting of simple workers. Forms the general agenda for the development of the Commune, and also affects the community policy).

We have no oppression, no private appropriation of the add-on product and all that you can face in this imperfect world.
We have a true dictatorship of the Proletariat and a fair distribution of resources.
The main face of our Corporation is you - a simple worker!

For more information, contact us at Discord



The bourgeois mercilessly exploit you, levying exorbitant requisitions, stealing your time. Cashing in on you, they finance the bloody and predatory wars that the simple proletariat suffers from. The lies and hypocrisy of the owners of the means of production regarding the “common good and development” serve only as a cover for satisfying one’s already prohibitive ego. Only the abolition of private property as such can put an end to this. This can only be achieved by consolidating the entire working class.

Join our ranks, create workers’ associations themselves, not by the principle of exploiting human by human, but by the principle of joint creative work.

New Eden should be a free world of free labor of free people! We are not slaves!

Workers of the New Eden Unite!

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