An appeal to the proletariat of New Eden

The working class was once again drawn into the bloody slaughter conceived by the imperialists. The objectives of this war (as well as all previous ones) are capture, robbery, and further exploitation. False slogans regarding the protection of “brothers” or “fatherland” from the enemy in reality turn out to be just a cover for their own greed!
By participating in this war the proletariat acts in the interests of others - in the interests of a handful of owners-exploiters. The proletariat has neither brothers in blood nor brothers in soil.
The proletariat has only brothers in the class! The proletariat has no fatherland other than the socialist one, which we have yet to build. All other fatherland is their fatherland.
We urge all class-conscious workers of New Eden to leave their corporations, uniting on the basis of socialist ideas, to wage a class struggle against the oppressors and their minions! The class struggle is a continuous phenomenon. Even if it is not waged by the proletariat itself, then it is always waged against the proletariat.
So let us turn the imperialist war into a civil war! Raise weapons against the enslavers! This is our class interest. Only by chopping off all the heads of this hydra we can begin a new chapter in the history of New Eden.
We have nothing to lose but our own chains - we will gain the whole world!

Remember, the proletariat:
The International Ideal, Unites the human race!

P.S use the abbreviation WPNE (WorkersPartyofNewEden) in your bio to recognize class brothers


You are proof, that the Minmatar can not handle freedom. Go back to your amarrian master. Maybe he will be merciful enough to send you into the mines instead of biomassing you immediately.

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