Commie groups?

I know this is a long shot but here goes . . .
Im a human rights lawyer from India of all the places and i have love hate relationship with this stupid game here. I have about 32 mill SP on this char. Im very specifically looking for lefty/communist groups to join. Is that a pipe dream in this stupid game with like 20k people logging in daily??

Also btw lol, the catch is, no i cant join Be Nice. They rejected a colleague of mine and now I’m barred from talking to them cause “we” don’t like em lol. Typical commie unity.
Asking for a friend. Like literally. (firstly, i myself would be a bit slow to leave my current corp as im ok with it) I have commie friends irl I want to convert to eve but i have just started earning enough to plex myself and there is no way i can convince them anything is “fun” in this godammned stupid game if there arent people in comms they would want to jabber on with.
I posted in r/socialist too and there were people down with the idea of restarting their eve careers for a commie corp.

Thanks for reading forum. Communism will win btw.
Except in Iceland. Iceland will have phone booths installed everywhere when the people overthrow their masters. Evrything. Houses, hospitals, public toilets. Everything will be converted into a phone booth. CCP will be proud. Hope BBC paid you enough old friends.

Wormholer btw. UK/AUS timings

Communism is a failed disgusting ideology that has killed more people than any other ideology in human history short of only religion. You’re a disgusting person for supporting it.


Which would you prefer? Capitalism or Imperialism?
You know . . as a marker of a better, less murderous ideology?
please let me know asap before the mods delete your comment for being . . well off topic.

Imagine being this naïve ROFL.

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Go ■■■■ yourself with your communist ■■■■■■■■!


I’m pretty sure you don’t even know what communism really is ROFL.

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My entire family is from Cuba, I know EXACTLY wtf communism is! You too go ■■■■ yourself!


The only people that support it are the ones that haven’t been forced to live through it man. Just friendly advice, add that gix piece of ■■■■ to ignore. He has nothing worth reading to add to a conversation.

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Go ask the folks in Cuba or Venezuela or Russia or Mao’s China. The people who resorted to eating pets and in a lot of terrible situations eating family members.

What astounds me is that this ■■■■ is all well documented… We know how evil communism is and that it has NEVER worked. Yet we still have people like you.


All these purple haired lefty freaks nowadays who have NO FKN IDEA what they are talking about, spewing their bullsh*t while on their $1000 Iphones and sippin on a starbucks! :fu:

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What was your family doing there? Were they plantation owners or something vro?

Wait, Phones are cause capitalism now? and if i live in a capitalist dominated world i shouldnt use phones and claim to be a communist?
Ok. Soap was borrowed from the Muslim Crusaders (Jihadis) by the christian crusaders. Dont use soap. Else you jihadi.
In fact dont eat food grown by farmers. Cause that would make you a tribal or sumthin. Nothing wrong with being a tribal i mean. Theyre the most democratic people iv met, just saying that I didnt know you identify as one.

Communism on paper is great. In actual practice/life is it awful.

Best examples are Russia, China, Cuba.


Sure. Never worked. I mean apart from the fact that almost all communist nations have a stronger ecnomy than their neighbhours who arent, China is a behemoth compared to Taiwan (its non-communist breakaway part) and that before it fell, the Soviet Union was Americas biggest trade partner and the fact that China owns a lot of US debt now and apart from the fact that Vietnam is doing quite well and that Cuba needs an embargo to keep from exporting doctors but yeah apart from that, never works
Capitalism though. MUAH. Thing of beauty. Works forever.
In fact, all western civilization is the best of the best. Imperialism worked and now capitalism is working and back in the days of glory, so did slavery and in the real golden age, so did feudalism. What would the ideology that academicians and university students lean towards anyway know about anything right? You need gun wielding traditionalists to REALLY know stuff. kay

Doesnt China own like the US debt now?
Wasnt Soviet Russia the 2nd powerful economy and country in the world?
Doesnt like Cuba have better quality of life even while under american blockade than like most asian countries? Doesnt it export doctors to the world?

“eating family members”

China owns lots of countries debts. Doesn’t really mean anything tbh.
Soviet Russia was the 2nd most powerful country correct. America was the first.
Cuba does not have a higher QoL than most Asian countries. Look at N. Korea for example.

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