UNNCF Need new players

Hi all:

First time using the forum and i speare one of a lot of much times.

So,i want to ofer to people enter to my new corporation. I have a lot of ideeas to aplicate i think that i have a good position ( sorry if i don’t specify more, i don’'t like to see my ideas aplicating by other player ).

i’m acepting al tipe people, alpha or omega, whit experience or whit out, miners or soldiers…

If you are new and you like to lear we are a good choice beacouse some of us are news. We are going to help you whit all information that we can give you or giving you ships or isk to help you groing.

We are from domain sector. Corporation is called UNited Nation Cosmo Force.

We are spanish but we speak english and french too.

For more information contact me and we can speak.

Thank you all for atention. Waiting people ready to enjoy :blush: :wink:

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