Unrequited Destruction - SOV Null Sec, PVP, Industry/PVE - Needs You

Unrequited Destruction is currently established in our null sec home and preparation to take our null sec adventure to the next level. We are currently located in Tenerifis in null sec. We are looking for pilots (new and seasoned) who want to help build our team.

We are currently recruiting select pilots who want to join us on our adventure in null sec space. We need PVP pilots, miners, indy, and PVE, and everything in between. We are looking for people who are self-motivated, have ideas for projects and are willing to take the long approach to improving our home! Come be a part of something special.

Are you interested in living off the resources your home can provide? Does living on the frontier interest you? Are you a self starter who creates content and doesn’t ship spin all day long? Come build your new home with us today! We live off the land!

Scanning Skills, Ore/Ice Miners, Capital Alts, Boosting Alts, & Out Corp Haulers will all be put to good use here.

Never been to null sec? No problem we will teach you what you need to know. We have the equipment you need in null sec waiting for you!

We Offer:
-0.0 SOV Null Space (We are not Renters!)
-Daily PVP fleets (Small Gang & Big Fleet Fights!)
-Perfect Mining Boosts/Ice Mining Available
-Ratting/Easy ISK Opportunities (ABC Ores/tons of PI)
-Corp BPO/BPC Library
-Alliance Buyback Purchase Program
-Alliance Discord & TS3 server
-Massive Potential for Growth (We can only go up from here!)
-A friendly and active corp members and leadership team

We strive to ensure that Unrequited Destruction is a learning environment!

What We Are Looking For:
-Mature Pilots
-At least 2.5 million Skill Points (waiverable for the right pilot)
-No Alpha accounts (unless you convince us otherwise)
-US TZ Pilots (We accept EU, but are currently US TZ heavy)

You will be expected to provide a full API key for a security check prior to joining our organization.

If the above interest you, or you have more questions evemail ‘Rakkin’ or ‘Dallas En Welle’ or join the in-game channel ‘UNDE Pub’.

US TZ bump!

We are looking for new pilots!

To the top! We are online and looking for new members! Come check us out today.

‘UNDE PUB’ for more info!

I could be interested. Sounds like you have a goal, something you are trying to DO. I can appreciate that.

Top the top! New Pilots coming on board!

Reds to Kill!
Rats to Blap!
Rocks to Mine!

UNDE PUB for more info!

Blops Fleet Forming!

Sign up for the adventure!

Do you like logistics? Does the thought of flying a freighter all over high sec excite you? Then we need you!

Do you like to watch rocks explode as your mining laser pulses on them? Then we need you!

We are hiring all pilots! Come check us out, UNDE PUB for more information!

It’s Mining Monday! Come out and write your null sec story with us!

To the Top!

We are having a great time in null sec. Come join the fun.

We need miners, pvp pilots, and everyone in between!

To The Top!

Sunday Afternoon PVP & Mining!

Come chat and how you can help! We want you to help us build our team!

Join ‘UNDE PUB’ today!

to the top!

Monday Mining in progress!! Come join us in null sec!

Join ‘UNDE Pub’ today!

to the top!

Join us and be our 50th member! You’ll get a set of steak knives and great community to play Eve with!

Join ‘UNDE Pub’ today!

to the top!

Up we go!

Looking for pilots to join our team.

We shoot ships, rocks, and rats!

Up we go again!

Looking for a place to mine sweet null sec ore, refine, and build your empire? Come check us out!

Looking for pilots who want to join our team and be the part of something new!

We have goals and need your help to get there.

Join ‘UNDE Pub’

Up to the top!

Good fights and lots of laughs to be had!

Join ‘UNDE Pub’ and lets chat today!

We are now a SOV HOLDING null sec corp/alliance.

Come be part of the fun as we colonize our new home!!!

Join ‘UNDE Pub’

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