Update to Partnership Program with a list of current EVE Partnership Program Partners - Streamers, 3rd party apps, podcasts, fansites, wikis and more News eveonline.com/news/

o/ Everyone!
We’ve updated our partnership program page. We are excited to share that CCP recently started cooperating with the Admitad Affiliate Network. This affiliate program offers EVE Online community members a chance to earn a commission from purchases made in the first 30 days by new EVE Online players. Everyone interested can visit Admitad Affiliate Network website for more details on how to get started. The program offers 30% commission of any purchases made by new players in the first 30 days, but members of the EVE Online Partnership Program earn will have the rate increased by an extra 10%.

BUT! There’s more! The article includes a list of all the Partners currently participating in the Partnership program. I urge you to check out the plethora of 3rd party apps, fansites, wikis, and the amazing array of streamers that are already signed on to the Partnership Program, and see if there’s an app you didn’t know existed that does exactly that thing you never knew you needed.

Fly safe but dangerously everyone.
CCP Fleebix


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