EVE Online Partnership Program

o7 Capsuleers,

We have just announced a new Partnership Program for all of those creative individuals who spend their time and talents making out-of-game content for EVE Online such as streams, blogs, podcasts, third party apps and more. Please use this thread for feedback on this new program!


Not a partner, but I approve of this for those who really add a lot to the game via outside sources.


Good stuff!


great, looking forward to apply to that once I meet the requirements :slight_smile:

If the old arenas were still ingame, I could have already applied as a streamer for sure

By the way, can I only apply as one creator or as multiple? I do youtube vids AND streams, and do I only have to meet the requirement of one platform or both?


If you do multiple things feel free to mention that in your app, but for the most part we may only look at your ‘largest’ area in terms of sizing you up for acceptance. You don’t need to meet requirements on all platforms you participate in, just one.


I cannot stress how excited we are to start the program and strengthen our cooperation with many fantastic community contributors out there! This is a first step towards providing better support for passionate individuals who dedicate their time to entertain and educate EVE Online pilots.

We also took this opportunity to update our policies and established a new Content Creation Terms of Use that cover a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes down to creating content in EVE.

In addition, there is a public media library that will be updated regularly with assets available for use.


It’s very timely

What if it’s more than one person doing more than one thing. You list, for example, “BLOGS, NEWS, FANSITES, AND OTHER MEDIA”, as well as “STREAMERS”.

TiS, INN, and others have both news sites and streaming wings. I can’t speak for the others, but at INN, there’s a good half-dozen streamers, and at least as many news/editorial writers. The two groups have almost no overlap, and each group easily meets the minimum output requirements. Is that one partnership, or is there potential for multiple?

On a very much less serious note, from the new Content Creation Terms of Use:

So, given that people often refer to being jerks to one another in-game as ‘content creation’, does this mean we technically need to get permission to be jerks to one another? ‘Excuse me, sir, do you mind terribly if I infiltrate your organization and steal all your stuff? Please sign this waiver… thank you.’ :smirk:

EDIT: Wait, I know! There’s an implicit consent in certain in-game activities, right? :slight_smile: “By recruiting a player into your corp, you acknowledge the possibility of future malicious action by that player, and consent to the consequences of any potential future malicious action.”?

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If you check out the FAQ down at the bottom of the partnership page I’ve touched on larger teams a bit.

If there is a large team working towards a singular end product that would probably be considered as a single partnership - however we will take larger teams into consideration and potentially offer additional rewards. If multiple teams are working on multiple different areas, all under a larger umbrella such as INN then that would likely be separate apps / partnerships which we would consider individually.


Cool deal, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

This rules are for content created outside of the game using EVE’s IP, and do not apply to any in-game behaviors and play styles.

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Is the Haulers Channel such an “creative, industrious, and entertaining community contributor”?

does this also include copyrighted music/pictures from 3rd partys that have nothing to do with eve online? Or is this just limited to other members of the eve community?

All I get is an error message after pressing APPLY.

did you try it without the crap on the end?

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Please mind your language.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

So you applied without reading it.

Pretty typical, I think.

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It’s not actually “typical” and you don’t actually know me …
… so please refrain from making ■■■■ up about me.

Yes, I didn’t scroll down all the way and thus I didn’t see that before …
… which doesn’t change anything about the error message at all.

  • I’m not using a Tablet.
  • There was no interesting information presented at the top.
  • The page looks like an endless scroller, which usually only ever contain shallow blabla.

Of course you’re free to blame me for thinking that there’d be more interesting information right on top, where it should be.
Anyhow, as this apparently is only going to escalate eventually, I’ll opt out of your rather uncomfortable presence right away. :slight_smile:

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