Creating a short series

Hey there new to forums but not new to the game.

I am wondering if there is a CCP supported resource for assets that could be used to create several short videos I wanted to make in Unreal and I am curious if CCP would actually support such endeavours.

The stories in mind would be akin to Black Mirror (less gore more of the psychological mind messing though I could imagine the Drones story going differently) each one a short video ranging from encounters with Drifters to new tech that arose from the first exploration of W-space and so on and if CCP themselves do not offer these assets is there any info on where I might be able to get some support in either creating or finding premade assets?

CCP does list “Video Creators” on their page for partner support… but the next section makes it seem like the info is more for youtube content / streamers. Not sure. You could try and reach out to them for an answer.

Pokes @CCP_Swift , @CCP_Paragon :slight_smile:

You could also maybe try to contact Ian Chisholm and the crew who created the Clear Skies series of videos. (They used the Half Life engine instead of Unreal) They might know the answers your questions.

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