Upwell Reclamation Services - USTZ New Player focused Semi-Nomadic Exploration/PVP

Upwell Reclamation Services is New Eden’s premier demolition & recycling Co-Op.

We specialize in the latest Carbon Capture™ techniques to successfully off-gas Upwell structures located in J-space into rubble-ized resources. That then can be safely harvested for maximum sustainability to the surrounding solar environment.

What We Do

Upwell Reclamation Services accepts all applicants regardless of skill points. Covert-ops cloaking however is required. We specialized in training new players in the art of exploration as well as gas mining. New players can expect to learn cloak and dagger wormhole hunting as well as excursions into Null-Sec for roaming PVP as well. We focus heavily on being mobile and quickly deploying to hostile or abandoned wormholes to clear unused or delinquent Upwell structures for fun and profit. Wormhole mercenary work is a possibility in our future.

What we Offer

  • War declaration immune
  • Discord Server
  • Tripwire wormhole mapping
  • Complete freedom
  • Full shares in eviction loot
  • Free ships and SRP
  • Farm holes are available

Please join our Discord Server for more information.

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I’m also a recruiter for this corp, so feel free to message me in-game as well.

Upwell Reclamation Services is now recruiting. Contact me or any other of our recruiters for more info or join us at our Discord Recruiting Channel. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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