Upwell Stargates: The Possibilities

Many of us remember the days when you could go from one end of New Eden to the other in a matter of minutes before space aids was implemented. In addition to this, we also remember how oppressive it was to have a capital fleet jump on your sub cap fleet from anywhere essentially. Even with this though, it was possible for sub-cap groups to escalate the fight into a capital brawl if they wanted and were able to.

This kind of mobility made evading enemy space easier and faster which provided an increased ability to create content. What I am essentially saying is that moving from certain areas of space to another is what helps generate conflict. Wormholes do this but without the ability to establish long term goals since they only last a day and only allow a certain amount of ships through. Upwell Stargates could provide the ability of transportation that jump bridges and wormholes can’t. Of coarse, there would be some ground rules and different mechanics for these.


1.) Anchoring: It would be the same as current Upwell structures. They maybe anchored anywhere except for WH space. No sovereignty would be required.

2.) Docking & Tethering: These structures would not have docking or tethering available. However, people with the right role, would be able to access the fuel bay. So with this being said, you would access and fuel them like control towers. Once fuel blocks are in the fuel bay, you will be able to online the Stargate instantly.

3.) Access: Whoever has jump access (granted under access list) will be able to use an Upwell Stargate as long as it is in high power. Owners will be able to set a toll for each time someone jumps through.Using these upwell stargates would not initiate any jump fatigue.

4.) Reinforcement Period: In high power, armor timer is skipped. In low power, no reinforcement period at all. Essentially like killing a dead stick.

5.) Sizes and Ship Restrictions: M-Allows all Sub-Capital ships an noo Capital Ships. L-Allows Sub-Capital Ships & Capital Ships but no Super Capitals. XL-Allows any size ship to go through including Super Capitals.

6.) Connection Restrictions: Upwell Stargates can only be connected to others of the same size belonging to the same alliance.

7.) Allowable Amount: 2 x XL per alliance and 2 per region. 4 x L per alliance and 2 per constellation. 6 x M per alliance and 1 per system.

With these limitations being said, I am suggesting the stats for the following sizes:

M-5.0 Light Years
L-7.5 Light Years
XL-15.0 Light Years

FUEL USAGE (Fuel Block/Hour)

FUEL BAY (Fuel Blocks & Liquid Oz)
M-75,000 m3
L-150,000 m3
XL-250,000 m3
*Liquid Ozone would be used just like jump bridges use them today.

*The shield, armor, and hull hit points would be 50% of what their engineering complex counter parts are. Resists would be the same.

M-3 bil
L-30 bil
XL-300 bill

Now imagine if these were implemented, what would your Alliance do with them? Imagine the conflict they cause and how they would change and sculpt New Eden.

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no… it did not allow groups to escalate because if you did PL was crashing before your fight even really got started

as to your idea CCP already has gates in the works lets wait and see what they have planed

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CCP implementing new Upwell Stargates:



Replace current jumpbridges with upwell gates when poses are phased out.

I’d say wait for POS Jump bridges to get dealt with first. These are in fact just this. Rather than calling them stargates, call them jumpbridges.

Regarding the mechanics:

Hard no on that one. Any form of rapid transit needs to have fatigue. Recent changes to fatigue hardly make this onerous. Dude can JB in a pod or a shuttle for a 90% reduction in the already incredibly reduced fatigue.

Capitals and larger should be outright excluded from this. They have jump drives, the ranges on those jumpdrives are what they are for a reason. The fatigue they incur is there for a reason. Circumventing it with this infrastructure is in no way healthy for the game.

Wait… you want to be able to connect them together?! well… I guess as long as it was limited to subcap that might be interesting, certainly from an invasion standpoint.

How would that stop an alliance from simply adding 10 other “holding” alliances and then giving their main alliance access rights to the structures? The hard limits per section of space can’t be circumvented, but preventing an alliance from holding more than they should is as easy as having another alliance.

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Medium stargates will basically be jump bridge replacements. They were discussed at Fanfest last year - CCP would like to get them in the game so they can finally get rid of the POS code. I presume they will work in a manner similar to existing jump bridges.

Existing stargates are complicated by the fact that you need one at each end, presumably owned by the same corp/alliance. I doubt you’ll be able to build one in empire space. It also complicates any notion of using them to access “new” space - you need a way to get there and build the gate before you can use the gate to get there!

Null to Null wormholes, if you want to think about it. Mades me die a little inside thinking about how long you’d have to go diving through wormholes to find one to your space though.

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