{URHOL}{GULPS} FW/Indi/PVP/Null pilots wanted

We are Pints and Prospectors, and were not your normal corp. {URHOL} Our focus is around TEAMWORK.
We Mine, PVP, run missions, FW. Harvest WHs whatever we can get in to on a nightly basis. We offer a wide variety of activities daily/weekly fleets.

  1. We have a HS HQ tucked in a quiet part of space for mining and missions (L4s) 2 jumps away.
  2. FW HQ 1 jump from LS (FW corp formed to skip the standings grind) Gallente United Loyalty Point Service {GULPS}
  3. C4 WH with indi set up
  4. Joined a Small null alliance, Keeping our freedom is important

We offer Corp buy back on everything you mine.
We provide ships and boosts/compression.
We also give out pvp ships for roams. Our Gallente FW Corp is there for you to join the fight and skip the grind for standings. FW SRP in the works

If your an industrialist or pvp pilot but need that change once and a while we are the corp for you. Our core group is made of New Bros and Vets willing to teach/help any players.

Our corp was started with the concept of building a great community that supports a variety of activities and play styles under one roof. Come join us and lets build something great together
Stop by and talk to us in our in game Chan. PR-UN or in discord

Still looking for Miners

Need Miners and PVP pilots

Jack of trades kinda corp… all fun ZERO DRAMA!


Looking for Gallente FW and INDI

Looking for gallente FW and Miners

FW pilots & Miners wanted



Bump it up!!


Looking for Indi and PVP pilots

Looking For Miners and PVP pilots

New Miners welcome

Need HS and Null sec Miners…PVPers bring your indi alts

Looking for Good Pplz

Still looking for good ppl Miners needed for HS and Null

Stop in and Say Hi

Recruiting again Stop in and say Hi!