[US/AUTZ] Han Dynasty Recruiting New and Experienced Pilots w/ Great Benefits!

We are a part of the Dragon Dynasty alliance living in Deklein and Fade, with 4 constellations rented.
The huge nullsec war brought chaos, but also opportunities, and we are actively fighting for our own sovereignty!

Our principle is happy gaming, play the game instead of letting the game play you, and we have 0 tolerance on toxicity. We encourage PvP but no participation required.

For PvE players, there is a wide ranges of content available, from ratting, to escalations, to missions, there are people in the alliance doing it and we are happy to provide you the fit and teach you how to do them. We have lots of ratting spaces and all sorts of buyback program including salvages / escalations etc.

For PvP players, we have standing fleet, ESS defenses, sov battles, and roaming (filament yeet) fleets, most with alliance SRP! No matter you are a lone wolf or a fleet person, there is always content to be have and fights to be take!

Our benefits:

  • Alliance SRP. Not just sov fights, standing fleets, ESS defenses, even roaming fleets have SRP!

  • Free Ratting Ship. We provide free ratting ship for newbies, help you get on the null isk train!

  • Weekly Lottery. Every week there will be a large skill injector lottery, try your luck!

  • Capital Reimbursement (planned). Capitals are the core power of a nullsec alliance, so we encourage people to go for capitals, and on top of providing capital ships on build cost, we also planned for reimbursement for people‚Äôs first dread / carriers / supers!

Join us on our discord today! Ask any questions you have there too!

Note: We are very serious on botting. A special squad actively check for bots and hunt them down.

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