Destiny Delivered - Nullsec Corporation - PvP, PvE, ISK Making, and More!

Destiny Delivered is currently looking for active pilots who would like to move to nullsec and take advantage of all of the benefits and content this space has to offer. We are a proud member of the Federation of Respect Honor Passion (RHP) Alliance, and Dead Coalition. DESTD prides itself on being an active PVP group, and as such we would like to have more experienced or new PVP pilots join our group. However, we realize that PVP isn’t the only aspect in the game, and we do appreciate and require pilots who take part in just about every type of space content.

Here is a link to our active Killboard: RHP zKillboard

Benefits of DESTD and RHP:

  • Null Sec Ratting Anoms (great isk!)
  • Mining Fleets with Boosts with lucrative nullsec ores (as well as moon mining ops)
  • PvP Fleets with very experienced FC’s who can teach new-to-pvp pilots
  • Solo content, small gangs, medium, large, and coalition level ops against some big entities
  • All ships for fleets on contracts in staging, as well as a healthy market should you be missing something
  • Full logistics network to move your things around

It’s hard to list every single perk of living in nullsec with our corp/alliance, please get in touch with us to learn more!

What we are looking for:

  • 5m SP or greater (though we can discuss if you have less, but the right attitude)
  • Minimum 2 months in EVE
  • Willingness to be on comms, we use Teamspeak and Discord for corp, alliance, and coalition communications
  • Willingness to train into doctrine ships and help defend our space when the time comes
  • A positive attitude, we don’t want drama
  • Full ESI for all characters

If this sounds like a corporation you might be interested in, please feel free to join our public channel ingame “Destiny Delivered” and contact a recruiter today. We also maintain a link in there to our corp discord, should a recruiter not respond ingame, please hop onto our discord and say hi! RHP is both an English and German speaking alliance.

If you can’t find someone to contact directly, send an EVE Mail to Hammer Saken, BloodyFolsom Copenhagen or Zadkeil Itonula

Still Looking for good members :slight_smile:

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