US/EU Industry / PvP Corp Looking to Grow
In-Game Channel: Apollo_Recruit
Recruiter: Vanir Tsero
Discord: Apollo Mining

Apollo Mining is looking for pilots looking to make tons of isk, fly shiny ships, and live in nullsec. :exclamation:

:trident:What we Offer::trident:

:arrow_forward:Buyback Salvaging, Exploration, Mining in nullsec is worthless if you can’t move your stuff to highsec or get paid right? So as a corp, we will buy the fruits of your labor. That gives you the isk needed to continue your journey in eve and it gives us the resources needed to build war machines.

:arrow_forward:Nullsec: We are small and currently sitting in highsec. However, we have already been in discussions with nullsec alliances looking to capitalize on an experienced team of Industry focused pvpers. Our directors have already found us a home in nullsec, we just want to make sure we’re set for success before we move down there.

:arrow_forward:Ground Floor: This is a new corporation. And if it grows, we’re going to need help managing it. If you’re looking for more of a leadership, diplomacy, organizer role, then we may be the home for you. As we grow, we’ll need more people stepping up and taking responsibility for different aspects of the corporation.

:arrow_forward:Multiple Ways to Make ISK: The corp invests in its pilots. SRP, Mining Barges are only a small way. We also pay out for many other tasks. Recruitment drives will net you isk for every recruit you bring in. Mining Ops will pay out. The generous buy back system in place. The corp is setup in a way where the more you participate, the more return you see.

In closing, we’re a small, new corporation looking to grow our membership so we can get out into nullsec and start making the big isk. If any of this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can join the channel “Apollo_Recruit” or you can reach out to “Vanir Tsero” via in-game or Evemail.

Fly Reckless :biohazard:

I just wanna recruit people who want to shoot rocks or rats all day and sit in capital ships waiting for a cyno.

HMU if you wanna do that too.

Industry… PvP… Ratting… Isk Making… Sov Warfare maybe?
Join Apollo_Recruit channel or evemail me or Vanir Tsero to chat about joining Apollo.

Hello Pilots,

As CEO of Apollo Mining I want to send out a warm welcome and greetings to anyone wishing to Join. We at Apollo Mining want to ensure that you enjoy your connection with us and are working to create a positive environment that is mutually beneficial to all. The important thing here is to have and fun and create good friends who enjoy playing together. So if you are new, we welcome you. If you are coming back to Eve after a long Hiatus, we welcome you. And if you have been around forever and you are looking for a new home, we welcome you. All players are welcome. So, give us a shout, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Rayne God (CEO, Apollo Mining)

Made a website.

Come help us make something amazing.

Recruiting new bro’s and veterans alike. Little ships? We got you. Big ships? We got you too.

Still looking for industry/pvp minded pilots
New Bro’s welcome

Still looking for a few more pilots to recruit before our move to nullsec.
Join Apollo_Recruit or message Vanir Tsero directly.

Still looking for Industry/PvP Pilots

Still recruiting

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