[USTZ/EUTZ] [NS] [Desolate.] Apollo Mining - Nullsec Indy/PvP Recruiting Pilots

Apollo Mining is Recruiting!

  • PvP Pilots
  • Industry Pilots
  • PvE Pilots (Ratting / Exploration)

How Apollo Mining Invests in You!

  • Ore Buyback Program
  • Salvage Buyback Program
  • Exploration Buyback Program
  • Corp/Alliance SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Highsec Corporation Counterpart for New Bro’s
  • First Industry Ship Free!

Mission Statement

Apollo Mining aims to be the backbone of Alliance production. We invest in our pilots and in return, expect our pilots to invest in the Corp and the Alliance. We will shoot rocks and ships alike to expand our reach and protect what we’ve accomplished. We will have no qualms with dropping capital ships in engagements and will mine until every last one has been replaced. No Regional Market shall go un-seeded and we will make sure our Alliance and allies have what they need to continue expanding their influence and power.

:aura:Current Recruitment Needs

  • Mining Director
  • PvP FC (USTZ)
  • Recruiting Director
  • Industry/PvP Pilots

How to Contact
:arrow_right: Join Apollo_Recruit
:arrow_right: Message Vanir Tsero
:arrow_right: Join our Discord - Apollo Mining

Recruiting PvP Pilots for Null Expansion

Expansion Complete - Recruiting PvP/Indy Pilots to secure new sov

Apollo continues to grow. PvP/Industry pilots needed

Apollo still looking for more active pilots.
Industry / Capital enthusiasts

Come shoot rocks and ships

Apollo is growing. Come join in on the explosions.

Looking for Miners and PvPers

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