[US/EU] Looking for an Industry focused HS Corp? Ather Tech Corp might be for you!

Greetings Capsuleers,

Welcome to Ather Tech! A new mining Corp based out of Caldari HS. Ready to feed industry and war. Here at Ather Tech we do the hard work for other Corps and Capsuleers. We mine, process, build, and deliver.

But, the only way we can do that is with your help. We need miners, haulers, builders, traders and fighters to protect our workers.

Miners are the heart of Ather Tech, without miners, we do not have resources to sell on the market, nor would we have resources to build ships, weapons, ammunition, etc. Miners are our bloodline.

Next comes haulers. To make sure that miners are able to mine efficiently and timely, we need haulers to take the resources from the miners and bring them back to the station. Haulers are the ants of our production, they move and keep things flowing. They also move things around for our traders who are looking at the market and figuring out what is worth selling and buying.

Next, we have builders, those who like taking raw materials and reprocessing them and using them to build weapons, tech, and fleets. They run our factories and make sure things are building and running smoothly.

Finally, but, not least, we have fighters. Fighters are our security, they protect our workers from harm whether they be PvE or PvP. And if anyone does kill our workers, fighterswill hunt them and let them know not to mess with us. As our Corp gets bigger we can branch into making our own military, but, for now, fighters will be guardians and attack squadrons for combine mining operations and any other operation that needs protection.

All in all, this is Ather Tech Corp. A new and young industry Corp. ready to grow inside New Eden.

We offer:

  • Regular Mining Fleets with Orca boosts
  • Mission fleets for those interested in PVE
  • Monthly Bonuses for your efforts
  • Free Mining Ships
  • A Newb Friendly Community
  • Opportunity to Grow in the Corp
  • And Weekly Isk Giveaways
  • Access to a WH (optional)

We have implemented the new Opportunities System to help keep track of Projects in the Corp more easily and see what people are working on.
There are lots of potential roles to fill in the near future for people who are willing to take on the work and responsibility.
We are also in an Alliance with a Wormhole Corp giving our members access to Wormhole moon mining, PvP and PvE. For those that are not interested in these activities, they are fully optional.

Are you ready to join Ather Tech? Reach out to one of our Recruiters or fill out an application and let us know why you want to join.
Recruiters: Varg Euronymous, Better Deal, Einea & Daltom Andros

Dalton Andros
CEO Ather Tech Corp

Oh boy. Another Isk printer for the gobbo power fun VG effu team.

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