US+EU: [TPOSE] StratsCo - Balance work, life, and wormholes

Interested in learning about wormhole life? Looking for a group to laugh and have fun with? Tired of the Eve politics? You’ve come to the right spot - StratsCo is looking for active players across all timezones.

StratsCo is a laid back Wormhole corporation and gaming community (circa 2014) where friends are made, drinks are drunk, and life always comes first. We believe in helping both veterans and newbros alike in areas such as market trading, industry, crabbing, and PvP. As the executors of the Pretenders alliance, we strive to create one single community built on enjoying the game together.

We live in a C4 wormhole with C3 and C5 statics, giving options for all sorts of content. We split time between PvE and small scale PvP. Just remember, we always take the bait.

For newbros we offer:

  • C3 farming with low skill requirements - we will teach you how to fund your Eve journey
  • Gas huffing
  • Data and relic sites
  • Industry - we have citadels to help with your manufacturing, and also experienced people who can show you the way
  • PI with very low taxes
  • PvP - if you want to learn how to destroy space pixels, this is the place! We have experienced pilots that are experienced in logi / smallgang / nano piloting / brawls, etc. We have skill training plans to get you started and help you advance towards higher tier ships
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Wormhole logistics service - simply put in an order and have your items and ships delivered directly

For veterans we offer:

  • Chill environment - if you are bored of CTA’s, bashing fleets, wars, TIDI fights and more, you can come find your home with us. Every Pretender is important.
  • C5 ratting - one of the best isk revenues in the game
  • Industry - We have citadels with access to T3 production and reactions
  • Opportunities for PVP and to FC fleets
  • We are active in NPSI communities, and can introduce you to groups like bomber’s bar, spectre fleet, and other small gang groups
  • Feel free to fly with other groups outside of the alliance - we love NPSI fleets
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Wormhole logistics service - simply put in an order and have your items and ships delivered directly to you

What we ask:

  • Be excellent to each other
  • Join us in comms on discord
  • Proactive Pilots who like to generate content
  • Train into our PVP doctrine
  • Please bring dad jokes
  • Omega Accounts only

Some of our videos:
Friendly WH Fight
Marshal Kill
NPSI Small Gang

For recruitment:

Discord: StratsCo React with the EVE online emoji and say hi in #internet-spaceships, and one of our many members can answer your questions.

In game channel : 21SEP Diplomacy or message Vorthos, Hsiri, Yii, Sarah Krenal, Penverne, or Chemius Epistimonas

Since 2014, we have been the community for people who like to play video games—usually together. We have one simple but critical rule here: Be excellent to each other.

Actively seeking the bestest of friends, come say hello!

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Still looking for dad jokes.

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Still recruiting.

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Said hi in discord and put in app at site. Looking forward to future potential :slight_smile:

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Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

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