US | EU | Unleash your Potential with Regnum Astera!

Dear Corporations and Capsuleers,

Dream of an alliance where corporations flourish in a vibrant, independent cosmos? Welcome to Regnum Astera! We are a dynamic alliance home to corporations, seasoned veterans, and enthusiastic newcomers, bound by our passion for exploration, combat excellence, and shared aspirations.

Why Regnum Astera?

  • Corporation-Centric Approach: We cherish corporations as the lifeblood of our alliance, empowering their growth and independence within our unified structure.
  • Veterans Find Purpose: Seasoned veterans discover a new purpose and the chance to build something meaningful and substantial.
  • Limitless Opportunities: From industry to PvP, exploration to diplomacy—your corporation’s ambitions find fertile ground here.

What We Offer Corporations:

  • Independence with Unified Support: Thrive independently while drawing strength and support from a united alliance.
  • Active, Global Community: Immerse in a lively player base spanning US and EU timezones, fostering collaborations among corporations.
  • Solid Infrastructure: Access cutting-edge resources, empowering corporations to reach new heights.
  • Forge Destiny Together: Engage in collective endeavors shaping the alliance’s fate and leaving an indelible mark on the universe.

Join Regnum Astera Today!

Forge robust alliances, lead your corporation to greatness, and script your saga among the stars. Connect via our Recruitment Channel/Forum Link or contact Devcutter in-game.

Experience the exhilaration of EVE Online within an alliance that champions corporation independence in a united environment. Let’s rise together to greatness in New Eden!

Fly safe, thrive independently, unite as an alliance,
Regnum Astera

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yeah…i applied to this group. Really great folks. Non toxic environment. Great for new players, or returning.


!Push push push baby

he lies, we are all very toxic AF XD :stuck_out_tongue:

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