Astralis Agora [EUTZ] - Indy | PVP | Low Sec

Looking for like minded players! With that in mind, this is why I formed this corporation:

  • I enjoy PVE
  • I enjoy Industry
  • I enjoy small gang PVP ( <10 on each side)
  • I like to play as part of a community
  • I’m not interested in nullbloc scale fights and just pressing f1

As a brand new corporation, I offer you nothing but a dream. We do not have a home but I have been scouting and surveying a particular area for a while and I think its perfect - so as soon this corporation is not just me, we can head on out!

This is an opportunity for any EVE player to join a corporation on day one. Be involved, influence what we do and where we go. Some of the opportunities I hope to provide are:

  • New Player Friendly
  • No SP requirements
  • Enjoy all aspects of EVE
  • Learn to scan and find gas for more profit
  • Learn about moon mining
  • Introcuction to NS content via nearby NPC Null
  • Learn about reactions and manufacturing
  • Learn the basics of fleet combat
  • Learn small gang PVP
  • Learn to belt rat, do combat anomolies and run your own escalations.
  • Just come and learn EVE outside of hisec! I’ts fun!
  • EUTZ Focus - 1800-2300 EVE Time

I’m more interested in building an active community/group who have common goals and objectives. Willing to help anyone learn the game!

For more information, to ask questions of ig your interested in joining please join the in-game chat channel “Astralis Agora”

I look forward to speaking with some of you soon! o/

Bump for timezone! o/

Bump! Still looking for pilots with the desire to build something.

Lowsec and PVP need not be a blocker, how do we overcome this barrier and introduce new players to the riches of lowsec. PVP is unavoidable in EVE but it keeps so many people in hisec - I want to start dissolving some of these barriers.

Tell me what it would take and I’ll make it happen

Hey mate - do you have a discord I could reach out to you on?

Hey! Give me a shout here (Astralis Agora)

I’ll be back to doing some work shortly so if I don’t respond, I will in a couple hours!

Thansk for reaching out.


Bump. Plans much more solid, got a few people forming a core and looking to add pilots of all levels! Early access to lowsec, learn to live it and stick around!

Big day! Had our first new player join today. Still not offering all we want to and organising various bits and pieces, but it’s a pleasure to start sharing some knowledge.

Bump. Another big day, covid finally caught up with me and being sick sucks.

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