US TZ Hi-Sec mining corporation looking for members

Dnomla Industries is a corporation looking to expand its members for mining operations and industry selling. Located in Amarr space, we offer a casual corp for new members, veteran members or those looking for a re-introduction after a long break from the game.

What we support:

  • New Pilots
  • Veteran Pilots
  • Casual, no-drama, place to hang out
  • Discord server for easy communication
  • No activity requirements
  • Corp Mining Operations
  • Corp Site running

If you’re interested please join the in-game chat Dnomla-Public for more information. Hope to see you soon and fly safe o7.

Recruitment is still open for everyone!

Recruitment is still opem

Great bunch of guys.

Recruitment is still open!

You know you wanna check us out! Come by and chat!

Openings are still available!

Openings are still available!

We accept new-bros, veterans, and returning players! Check us out!

Interested, shoot me a message


Recruitment for this corp is closed.

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