Mining Corp Recruiting - New Player Friendly

Presicion Mining and Manufacturing

We are a High-Sec mining corporation looking for members who are into doing corp wide mining operations to make some good cash.

We have:

Orca support
Runner support
Not war eligible
Ore Buy-Back program in place and active.

We are a casual group with some very knowledgable members who can help with anything from fitting, PvP, ratting, and much more.

Our focus is to grow a casual group of players who want to hang out, chat, relax, and just enjoy a mining op. And of course, make good cash while doing so.

If anyone is interested, we have an Ad up, please apply.
Precision Mining and Manufacturing [P2M]


Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still looking. Mining OPs scheduled for this coming week. Reach out/apply!

Still looking for casual miners (not minors)

Corp mining OPs scheduled.

Buy back program active.

Mining OP this weekend. Don’t miss out!


Still recruiting
orca support
runner support
new pilot friendly
no SP requirement
casual group of players

Reply or apply

Mining OP for this week scheduled
Ore Buy Back for those who want to mine on off times
Free ships
Ship replacement
New Pilots welcome
Not war Eligible


Mining op This week
Don’t miss out
No war dec
Orca/hauler support

Hi, I want to apply to the corp, as soon as I get home I will leave the actual corp, I would like if you can send me an in-game message to remeber your name, I want to ask you some more questions about de corporation.


still going strong looking for members!

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