[US TZ] Sheriff. - Caldari Lowsec PVP FW Corp for the Ambitious Combat Pilot

TLDR: Experienced US TZ Faction Warfare corp seeks eager combat pilots with “punch up” mentality.

About You

  • You’re a vet looking for micro gang pvp content where both your skills and voice matter with the people you fly with.
  • You’re new to FW and want more than just frigs and dessies as pvp content.
  • You want to excel at micro gang pvp (3–7 pilots) but just as happy scaling up to alliance/coalition level content (15-30 pilots)

The Details

Sheriff [SHRFF] is an amalgamation of 2 historic record-breaking Faction Warfare corps that I once architected and FCed for. The first is my beloved Justified Chaos (Galmil) which is ranked 2nd all time for most kills in Galmil. The other is Mjolnir Bloc which is also ranked 2nd for most kills in Calmil.

Neither corps are no longer around. So we’re building a new crop of combat pilots to fight against the mighty Gallente armada.

We’re a small corp that is rich in experience and wisdom when it comes to small gang.

What You Get:

  • Alliance and coalition-level: We’re blue to most of the major Caldari Militia alliances and corps. This means an abundance of pvp content depending on your flavor. Even if we’re not on, some other group is.
  • Small gang Library of fits. We have a library of microgang setups suitable for 2-4 pilots as well cruiser and BC doctrines designed to fight above weight class. No need to look all over the internet asking about pvp fits. We make it easy.
  • “Punch up” mentality. War targets are literally 1-2 jumps away and you will never have enough pvp content. If you want to test skills, my corp is the place. We don’t blob. We fight the blob.


  • 5M SP bare minimum and must live in lowsec with us. We don’t take people living in Jita or hisec.
  • Be willing to train or fly Caldari doctrines with a dash of armor hulls.
  • Omega accounts. We only take in Alpha if you have an existing Killboard, or you’re willing to go on a 30-day trial with us.
  • Must authenticate through Auth so we can do a background check.

How to apply

Simultaneously fill out our brief Online Form here AND authorize through our Authentication System. More details on the form.

Additional questions? Join our discord

Too many FW PVP corps stick in tiny ship mode. That’s not us. We’re experienced pilots who aren’t afraid of shipping up in bigger stuff just to punch up. I’m looking for people who share the same mentality.

Recent Battlereports:

Bump. We’re still recruting.