USIA Is Recruiting Mission Runners (ISD: This is NOT a corp advert)

Hi all,

I run USIA, Eve’s Standing service, run continuously since 2009.

I need mission runners to work for the service. You run missions with the client in fleet. The client get standings. I pay you.

  • We accept level 3 or level 4 security mission runners.
  • No experience required.
  • Newer players welcome, as long as you have level 3 missions unlocked and a ship that can fly them.
  • You do not need to join our corporation, this is not a corporation advert.
  • Basic English
  • Willingness to run missions for the corporations our clients want i.e. you aren’t determined to run only for 1 random corporation like House of Records or something weird.

To learn more join our discord:

(Link expires in 7 days deliberately, we don’t recruit often).


Bump, still looking for runners. If you are already running missions, why not make MORE isk by getting paid to run missions

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I’m on a trip this week but I will get with you guys when I get back next week.


I am interested


Recruiting again


Will be online again on monday, try to get in touch with you then.

Run quite a few missions a day in Gallente/Minmitar space only.