USIA Recruiting Mission Runners (This is not a corporation advert)

I run USIA, Eve’s Standing service, run continuously since 2009.

I need mission runners to work for the service. You run missions with the client in fleet. The client get standings. I pay you.

  • We accept level 3 or level 4 security mission runners.
  • No experience required.
  • Newer players welcome, as long as you have level 3 missions unlocked and a ship that can fly them.
  • You do not need to join our corporation, this is not a corporation advert.
  • Basic English
  • Willingness to run missions for the corporations our clients want i.e. you aren’t determined to run only for 1 random corporation like House of Records or something weird.

To learn more join our discord:

(Link expires in 7 days deliberately, we don’t recruit often).


Bump, still looking for runners. If you are already running missions, why not make MORE isk by getting paid to run missions

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I’m on a trip this week but I will get with you guys when I get back next week.


I am interested


Recruiting again


Will be online again on monday, try to get in touch with you then.

Run quite a few missions a day in Gallente/Minmitar space only.


Can you elaborate how mission runners are paid out?

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They are paid proportionate to the standings they raise for the client.

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Still recruiting - run missions, earn ISK

Still seeking people who like ISK.


Continued recruitment!

The discord link posted is no longer valid, if ur stil searching for mission runners

I’ll get back to you on recruitment

We are once again looking for a few extra people.

not a mission running but looking to gain a particlar standing if you are able to assist.

I absolutely am, please join our discord linked in my service thread:

I didn’t want to post the discord directly here in case it’s seen as using a non-marketplace thread to promote a service which might not be looked kindly upon by ISD :stuck_out_tongue:

Moved to Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums because basicly this Post IS a Corporation Advert.

Except not all runners are apart of USIA though.

It’s a little unclear. The corp accepts people - so rather recruitment.

But the corp also pays “non-members”, so it’s more like a Service.

But I think here is a better place for this post.

The service itself without the search for runners could be posted in Services - EVE Online Forums again without that we get a problem I think.