Using a Skiff for PvE

I realize the ridiculousness of this question, but I’m wondering if there’s any way to use my mining vessel for some high sec PvE. My thoughts are using the Skiff as a high HP drone boat.

Is there any possibility of this working, or am I about to create the next ridiculous killmail?

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Random doodle fit…
77k EHP, tanks 200 dps
But it only deals 240 dps.

You might have as much EHP as a Battleship. But your DPS is more like an angry Frigate or a weak Cruiser. You’d be able to do L1-2 missions, assuming you can get through the Gates if there are any. But you’d probably have a hard time clearing L3+ just b/c they’d rep through your DPS.

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This is awesome. Considering I’ve never beaten level 2 missions- that would be an improvement for me.

You can certainly do some dens and refuge’s and stuff.

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Lower tier combat anomalies. These have no gates with might reject an exhumer.

Creativity is so cool. I like the idea.


Ive done this in the past. Acc gates are your enemy.

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Awesome. Was there anything you COULD do that was fun? Or did you find the experience more frustrating and wasn’t really worth it?

I guess from my standpoint, I like having a ship capable of doing multiple things.

If you want to try to use the Skiff in a multi-purpose way, you could try mining asteroids in some of the security missions while trying to complete them. Some have a significant amount of rocks, and it’s pretty much your own private belt.

As was mentioned, it would probably be best to stick with lv2 security missions or lower. But some of them, if you don’t complete the objectives, you can farm by letting the mission reset after DT and redo for up to 7 days then turn in before expiration.

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Just because you can use ship to do the job does not mean you should. Cause of time to lock , low dps etc it will be very uneffective, and for me not fun. But, skiff is the best high sec mining ship atm cause it can survive triglavians or FOB rats. I mean - if you stay on grid long enough, FOB rats point will drop for a moment. And Skiff can even try to nuke pointing rat with drones before it pops.
You know, Gnosis does not require any skills to fly and it is a drone boat as well? Praxis too, actually. And they both are much cheapier.

The original poster knows that: “ridiculous”.

Some people love to do something creative, unconventional …

I agree with Felicitas. You can have a lot of fun with “kitchen sink” fits. There are tons of pvp pilots that do this very thing just for laughs. It breaks the monotony of ship doctrine. PC gamer did a story similar to this on a eve player. I’ve seen videos of battle rouqs, pvp ventures, etc. The only ridiculous thing is not trying something and keep wondering if it might have worked. Try to record video of it. It is so much fun watching pilots use ships for something they were not intended for. In fact, if you lose your skiff, send me an ingame mail and I will replace it. Good luck and HAVE FUN.

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So, one of my goals here is to identify one ship, and figure out how many different activities I could get my ship to do. I thought the Skiff would be a good choice for meeting this goal, but I’ve re-evaluated and decided to use a Stratios as my “only” ship.

Of course this ship is capable of PvE and exploration; but what else could I get it to do? Trying to fit four mining lasers on that ship was tough, but I figured it out with some cpu modules. Had some laughs in the asteroid belt. Was forced to sell my ore in belt at a steep discount, cuz 600m3 cargo hold would have been way too many hauling trips to the station. Now I wonder, can I boost cargo enough to do ice mining with the stratios? I theory, I could have up to 4 ice lasers + 2 ice drones…

If anyone has anyone has other ideas on how I could use my Stratios, I’m all ears. I know I’m taking my own thread off topic… but I highly doubt anyone came here for a serious discussion on strategy.


How do you manage to fail at finishing lvl2s?

Poor skill. I could make up other excuses, but it really comes down to that. I’ve tried lvl 2 missions using a Vexor and an assault frigate. I’m sure those are good ships, but not good enough to offset my lousy piloting.

Fortunately, once I switched to the Stratios, I’ve been able to get past level 2’s. At this rate, my plan will be: carrier for lvl 3 and titan for lvl 4’s.

Go long range, instead of short range.
You might find that it makes a difference for you.

Most people go the easy route of sitting there with a tank and blasting whatever comes close. In fact that’s super boring and not very engaging. If close range is what you fail at, instead of trying different ships, try a different tactic. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of using a Skiff, but maybe you really should try a change of strategy.

I used the skiff as a drone boat during the previous Crimson Harvest event. This was a hybrid fit that let me clear sites solo and then mine afterwards.

Re-jigging my fit for purely PVE means, 1) removing all mining equipment, 2) adding prop mod. The outcome might look something like this:

Med Core Defense Field Ext II
Med Ancillary Current Router II

Small Energy Neut I
Salvager I

10 mn Y-S8 Compact AB
Adaptive Invulnerability II
EM Ward Field II
Thermal Dissipation Field II
Medium Shield Extender II

2 x Drome Damage Amp II
Damage Control II

MTU, 5 x salvage drones, 5 x hob II, 5 x hammerhead II

With the neut off, but AB on and deploying hammerheads, my stats are:

  • 300 M isk, fitted
  • cap stable @ 48%
  • 87 k EHP
  • 331 dps
  • 625 m/s speed

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