Using your stations

how can you tell if someone uses your industry or invention modules in your player owned station?

Afaik, there is no way.

Or does industry/invention incur a player tax paid to the station owner?

The only thing you can base it on, aside from the above, is how often they appear in your station when/if they login to it there.

Citadels/stations dont log visitor stats or what they are doing there, although that could be an interesting future development CCP may want to consider implementing.

that would be nice to have a login log to help, but the tax paid to station is what i was looking for.

But thanks for the answer.

If the station is charging tax then it will show up in the Corporation Wallet Journal. The code is 120 if you are using a spreadsheet to download the entries.
The Journal doesn’t show what users are doing, just the amount they paid.


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