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Hi all - the below is a copy of an information ticket logged with support I would like to share - to see if any players agree with what I requesting… Player comments will be nice to see if request is ok or not.

Hi Support and Development staff

Please forward this to the people that be needed to know this - including the devs and the below is a serious request purely on in game management and from a new player that wants to help this game grow.

Being from an It background - I understand there may be a lot of work required - systems change and things that can’t be implemented to due to current systems and or resources - but I hope you can address a few… would be great :slight_smile:

I am recently new to this game - (since early 2017) - and upgraded to omega with a subscription. I am loving this game (ex wow player) - and also loved space sims from Wing Commander 1 - up through all including Privateer and Freelancer and a few other not so good versions. Yes I’m not a youngster but an old hardcore - faithful player for a game that works for me.

This game gives me freedom to chose my path and interactions which I love.

I play mainly solo but slowly developing friends in game that I can mark as good contacts and chat to when needed and join them for activities. I have recently setup my own Raitaru EC in a system that I am happy to keep running and services my needs. I am also in a low traffic area - but chosen that as i like a lot of solo play due to my sporadic play times - due to not being able to confirm times or set times to play by other groups etc. I started off as 2nd corp as Eve Uni to learn the game and then branched out on my own… as all do one day.

I found my EC is my own personal achievement in this game and keeping it running is expensive at my low level but worth it for me, I am an ex wow player so setting personal goals is my own achievement progress is this game. ( my next task among many is to build up a t3 Tengu when skills are ready//// still a short time away but getting there) plus a few more things i want to get to when skills and isk allow. again I kinda newish and building up my character.

My first question(s) are as follows to purely to track my EC usage plus additional billboard question.

(1) Is there an activity log to see how many people dock and leave my base (without doing services i offer). I can see used services used in my transaction logs due to isk transactiona … but I’m curious to how many people dock at my station on a daily basis and leave … I do have 1 corp renting - but not sure how many times they visit or other guests visit. This my help me answer should I upgrade to an Astrahus or bigger at my cost then install more modules to be helpful to other players - and possibly be more financially beneficial to me…( I don’t want to open my own trade hub) - but attract people to my station (excluding the fuel cost which I’m happy happy to carry but may change if revenue gets better… as i buy isk online from your web site and sell the isk to help supplement fuel costs and buy better items for ships when I can)… Currently my XP level and ships I can fly with fits is limited but improving on a slow weekly basis as skills improve… I don’t earn enough isk in game to be self sufficient yet - so happy to buy isk when needed via a plex buy and resell to player system. I have basic road map in my mind on where i want to go but do have slight variations sometimes.

(2) included since I am an EC - it offers remote repair outside the station to player ships/modules etc… I would also be curious to know if there is a log to if that facility is being used, people outside my station using a facility e.g. Remote repair (currently free). (maybe a 1% or 0.5% tax on remote repair can be enforced - to help station owners losing money as if they dock and repair - u get much more or does the ECC take the money (loss to station owner)

(3) as above questions _ would like to gauge how popular my station is in my given system and and perhaps to re-look at my tax rates etc… should -maybe people are going to other stations over mine…and I want to stay competitive.
(4) Basically - it’s my EC - I want to know via logs some where how its being used and for what - like a business owner knowing what going on in his office.

I understand this not an overnight fix - and perhaps there is already some of the above in place I not found yet… sorry still learning this game… but for someone who like to know what their base is doing with other players - it will help…

Even if I get to 4 guests today and 5 tomorrow - I can know hey - people are coming and leaving - not using my facilities or they are… plus last question as below.

(5) - (NPC stations excluded for for obvious reasons) - but this for player owned. You have billboards inside and outside my EC - plus other stations with all the same content (paid for by corps/factions etc). - plus at warp station gates… - Why cant the owner of the station - change/ add content to their own station in-house billboards but only relevant to their station- Hey there is billboard(s) attached to my station outside and inside - why can I not chose some of the content - MAYBE I WANT TO HAVE A SPECIAL WEEK ON MY REPROCESSING MODULE that is 50% off current tax rate) - I.E: The station/EC owner/CEO get to put their own billboard ads (besides some of yours that will go through.) - but only limited to their station… I don’t want all the air-time - u can have some of your “paid-for” ads from players - but would like to customize some. does ECC pay rent to a station owner to advertise their content on the player-owned stations billboard… Not seem fair (ECC takes fees from players for many things including their own bill board ads - but maybe a return for using their built-in stations billboard in a station built by players from out their own isk reserves … In the real life - if u want to put up a sign - u must pay municipality fees, get a license and possibly rental fees for a period… (Yes the ECC can still get their tax cut) - but allow stations/EC owners to also get something. JUST SOMETHING TO LOOK AT TO MAKE US PLAYERS HAPPY>

Also If I am at WAR with a faction/corp - I don’t want their ad showing on my structure billboards - I should be able to decline it… or a least your servers can detect factions/corps at war - and not show opposition content on the other’s billboard -

Its a long post and probably can be more specific but this just me thinking out load. Please advise if it does make sense and possibly something to be looked at -

I am going to try put this into the forum to test other players responses - which may help if this kind of thing is wanted by other - there may be even other posts requesting some of this but I have honestly not looked yet.

King regards and o7 to all players…

Sharing private GM conversations isn’t allowed…

I don’t think they care if you post your initial mail you sent to support since it’s not a GM conversation yet at that point.

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I’m yet to have any official reply / conversation - this not a private conversation but a question logged with EVE officials and brought the the EVE public for their input / assistance -

I think there may be a few that would like to know some answers -