[USTZ] Omni Defense Intelligence Network [1.EYE]

Active/Veteran Military? Civilian with a sense of humor? Enjoy participating in an ACTIVE COMMUNITY and want to be PAID (in Isk) for flying in Combat Fleets? 1.EYE may be for you!

Omni Defense Intelligence Network [1.EYE] is a veteran-centric group that is part of the GET OFF MY LAWN alliance and the Imperium (Goons) coalition, and as such has access to robust null-security space content.

Sick of being in a poorly run corporation where your teammates get you killed on fleets or mining ops? We’re working hard to keep that from happening. We consider 1.EYE a ‘teaching and learning’ environment, so sometimes stuff happens. It’s all about how we grow from the experience.

Our creed is REAL LIFE first. We don’t have “mandatory” operations, and we expect you to moderate your time in game so that you don’t burn out. If you need to take a break, that’s understandable. We’ll be here when you come back, just stay in touch!

What we Offer:

  • Excellent Buy-Back program: Ore, exploration/ratting/abyssal loot, and PI materials

  • Ship Replacement Program

  • PAID ACTIVITIES: We pay for each coalition fleet you attend (PAPs), as well as have a profit-sharing program (the corp only keeps enough ISK to pay bills/meet budgetary items. All extra income is shared out amongst those contributing). LOGI Pilots receive 2x bonus pay!!!

  • Potential to make great ISK in our null-sec home area (Ratting, mining, moon rocks, planetary production, etc.)

  • Small gang roams (whether for Quick Reaction Force, hunting in our area, or on Coalition ESS roams), all the way up to massive, TiDi fleets. If you like PVP, you’ll have it served up on a platter.

  • NO CTAs. Real life first. We don’t expect you to make every fleet (although we do ask that you attend a reasonable amount every month).


  • A Desire to Learn and Grow. We do have doctrine ships that are required to be trained for fleet operations/inclusion in low/null operations. The training isn’t bad, so don’t stress :slight_smile:

Main Activity Window: United States Prime Time (22:00-08:00 Eve Time)

ZKillboard: Omni Defense Intelligence Network | Corporation | zKillboard

Join our Discord and come have a chat with us!

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