Omni Defense Corp - A Home for Military and other Aspiring Pilots

Omni Defense Corp. is a veteran-centric group that is part of the KAIROS Initiative Coalition. Wanna kick it in Hisec, Low, or Null? We’ve got access to stable outposts in high, low, and null security space!

What we offer:

  • Excellent Ore Buy-Back program with a fast turnaround so you get your money fast!
  • Ship Replacement Program for when things happen or you go down in a blaze of glory!
  • Profit Sharing for corporate ore contracts, because sharing (profits) is caring!
  • Endless opportunity in ISK-making in our low sec home (mining, combat sites, planetary production, and some super secret methods not a whole lot of people know about!)
  • Small gang roams (whether for Quick Reaction Force, general hunting in our area, or on Coalition roams)

Active/Veteran military? We’ve got a place for you. The CEO is retired Navy and we have a number of veterans from all branches.

  • If you’re a Marine, we provide free crayons as snacks! Yummy!
  • Air Force? We’ll get you an extra-comfy chair so you don’t hurt your sensitive tushy!
  • Hey, Sailor! Ready for the dick jokes and Village People memes?
  • You Army guys don’t get squat; you should be used to that. (oof)
  • If, by chance, you are Coast Guard, you can join in our gate camp as a logi guy. That way, you never have to go more than 1 jump from home. That’s normal for you, right? :wink:

Sick of being in a poorly run corp where your teammates do dumb ■■■■ and get you killed on mining ops? We working hard to keep that from happening! Screw risk-averse, we’re risk-sensible!

Civilians Welcome! We’re not just military folks. Hell, a few of our most favorite pilots haven’t even TRIED eating crayons! Playdough though, different story.

Our Discord is VERY active, and we have some kind of operation (Whether mining, roams, etc) going almost every night. Voice Comms are required for ops and highly encouraged for maximum corp ASMR feelgoods, so get a mic!

As always, REAL LIFE first, we don’t have “mandatory” operations, and we expect you to moderate your time in game so that you don’t burn out. If you need to take a break, that’s understandable. We’ll be here when you come back…just stay in touch :slight_smile:

REQUIREMENTS: 5mil Skill points - Exceptions absolutely ARE made for those who have decided that Eve something they want to stick with. There are tons of come-up stories to be had within corp, you just gotta decide that Eve is for you so we can be too!


  • We do have doctrine ships that are required to be trained for fleet operations/inclusion in low/null operations. The fits are inexpensive and not particularly Skill Point intensive, so no eyerolls are needed!
  • We do require some basic character screening to vet our new members. If you have 17 alts in 8 different corporations, we are probably not the Corp for you. While we aren’t hardcore, we do expect our members to be loyal and dedicated to develop their capsuleers that are actually in our Corporation.

So, reach out in-game to Aradus Gunnell, Smashies8, Phrozen Helion, or Doctor Andre O’Toole, pop into our Discord (link below), or apply in-game to the corporation OMNI DEFENSE CORP. (ODC.)

Main Activity Window: United States Prime Time (22:00-08:00 Eve Time)


Our mediocre ZKill board: Omni Defense Corp. | Corporation | zKillboard


Love flying with these guys. We are terrible at Eve, but have fun while doing badly :slight_smile:

We’re still hiring! Come talk to us!

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