{USTZ} Sub Inc. A wormhole corp. Show us on the doll where the wormhole touched you

what are your statics

I joined these guys about a week ago…
Great group, fun to fly with, everyone has a good sense of humor and is pretty laid back. No slave driving FC, no mandatory doctrine, no “fly this or don’t fly at all”… I have a 4 kids and RL often agros my gaming time, these guys are totally cool with RL coming first.
The discord and teamspeak are always going with either chat from guys at work or guys bustin each other’s balls over comedic loss mails and plenty of gif and meme warfare :crazy_face:.
Always a good time, no complaints. If I had RL friends that played EVE I would definitely get their butts in here.

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Willing to train? 150m sp char, but havent played in 8 years. Just returned.

Absolutely so long as play times line up. We are active across the USTZ. Join us over on Discord

Highsec and a C3

To the top!! Discord

Discord doesbt work

It keeps doing that. Not sure why. Here is a fresh link to Discord]

The one is fresher Discord

Come join us Discord

Looking for another!

Fresh discord link

We have room for a few more. You can find us in Discord