Meta Reloaded is a small gang specialist PvP alliance with a focus on fighting outnumbered and engaging with as much content as possible in the Amarr/Minmatar Warzone on the side of Amarr.

We have fun with the game and try to provide an environment for everyone to feel the same!

Why should you join us?

If you enjoy actually playing the game and not getting caught up with bittervets and toxic personalities, ZUCK is a good place for you. Every USTZ night, we have a group trying to go out and PvP be it gate camping, roaming around the warzone, or going feral at the sight of a cyno in system. While we have a special place in our hearts for Lokis, we fly anything and everything!

- Our KB

- Siege of Kamela

- Average Kourmonen FOB night

- Eating the Algos

- Fighting Outnumbered

What we would ask of you?

ZUCK is a smaller, tight-knit group and are looking specifically for people who gel with our corp culture. While we do not specifically have any requirements, being willing to undock and the ability to fly useful ships are a must.

What do people say about us?

We tend to just play this game as a game and hope that has shown in some of the comments from our friends and enemies!

- Torvald Uruz on our spearfishing during the Siege of Kamela

- FL33T on our coordination for that same fight

Propaganda Posts

Reddit is a pretty big part of Eve Online at this point. We tend to post fun propaganda posts every now and again to enagage with that community. Our goal is never to slant what actually happened, we just want to keep promoting the wonderful culture of the game!

- Siege of Kamela

- Fight back against FL33T

- ZUCK wants YOU

If you are interested, check out our Discord and check out the #applications and #welcome channels!


We’re also recruiting cloaky loki enthusiasts but because our ceo never flies them he never includes them in our recruitment posts :angry:


My brother in Zuck, read the post!

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Reading is for noobs, goes to show that we’ll recruit anyone :smiley:


Its fun, come lose ships with me…i mean us!


I endorse this product and/or service.

But on a real note, come join us! We’re fun!

P.S. We have SRP


If you are looking for a group to learn the game and grow as a player then look no further. As the resident new bro I have been welcomed and given as much help as I need. 10/10 highly recommended corp


I returned to EVE less than a month ago to help bolster the beleaguered Amarr militia. I suspected it would be a couple months before I chose a corp to join. Turns out all it took was a fun conversation in local and invite to channel and I was sold.

In ten days so far this is my take.

  • Collectively experienced in every facet of EVE I’ve learned every time I’ve flown with them.
  • Long lived comradery forms a strong core here. No politicking just chillin
  • Fun high intensity but low pressure fleets
  • A well established group of leaders that cares about individuals
  • Real WORKING SRP keeps the fight going with less need for isk earning breaks.
  • Most of them smell
    -/+ Xavin sucks toes
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Anti-Aging Wellness and Benefits Center from the far corners of Tash-Murkon space.
Brings back all Bittervets with new Joy.
Amarr Victor

I was told they wear J’s. kick game is a beast.

Loki is the only ship that matters.

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Come fly with us, we are selectively recruiting! Pretty happy with the core we have got and would love more chill people to have fun with!

Flew with these dudes last night, had an immense about of fun! Very solid group of engaging players

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Come join zuck we’ll boosh people for isk

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Have you ever wanted to lose large quantities of ISK in short periods of time? Lemme tell you, this is probably the corp for you :grinning:

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Come feed Lokis with us!