Overclocker. NPSI Nano Small gang USTZ

Overclocker is opening our doors for the first time to recruiting a couple members as well as doing NPSI yeet fleets from Jita.

Overclocker. NPSI Tonight 0230 Jita

Inspired by nanogangs to try our hand at small gang and skirmishing against large null sec groups, we yeet in null in the search for long, drawn out fights on ESS grids where the game diverges from F1 to an RTS and individual piloting skill really begins to show.

We’re an USTZ, extremely small and tightknit group of bittervets who’ve found revitalized love for this game by changing our mentality towards PVP:
-No one owes us a GF. We have gotten off our high horses of complaining about blobs, OP ships, the meta, deadness of the game, CCP in general, etc and decided to just undock, take fights outnumbered and enjoy our game.
-Ships are not ammo. If you don’t feel the pain of loss you don’t feel the success of victory so why play this game?
-Efficiency does not matter. Time is the most important resource. If we’re gonna bother undocking, we may as well maximize our chance of success. Gone are our days of celebrating a battleship killmail valued at $0.10 more than our T1 cruisers as 20 of us respawn in station.

If this sounds corny or cringe to you, then you’re probably not the best fit. But if you agree with our way of thinking (it’s not wrong to disagree), and you’re willing to put an overclocker in every ship you undock in, please come say hi and join us on our public roams.
There is no hard SP requirement per say, our best scout was newish and could only fly a ceptor at some point. Your attitude and character is the most important, but our goal is to try to ship up and bring out more comps than a couple garmurs.

Example of what we’ve brought to a couple skirmishes we had the past week in staging systems with 200+ in local
[Battle Report Tool](https://vs Frat in 4-H)
[Battle Report Tool](https://vs Goons in 1DQ)
[Related Kills | YXIB-I | 2022-03-02 04:00 | zKillboard](https://feeding vs Frat)
[Battle Report Tool](https://NPSI in 1DQ)

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