UTC+1 pilot (pref. logi) would like to exchange free time and skills for some fleet PvP


I am in UTC+1 (European) timezone. Can field variety of ships from different factions up to and including capitals. Mostly was interested in logistics / electronics, but fine with other roles as well.

Would like to join some fleets to get fun from PvP fights.

Spent all my previous time in lowsec with some occasional visits to nullsec.

Not looking for any accesses to your assets. At most - you can give me a ship if I do not have mine nearby. Will return the ship after the action is over unless it gets destroyed. But usually, if I have enough time, should be able to bring something of my own.

Not looking for any access to your information. Just warn me in advance if you plan to go WH / nullsec so I could switch to a clone without implants. Otherwise ship requirement and fleet destination might be enough.

Not interested in ganking, suiciding or in other actions that rely on targets being inexperienced or in actions aimed at making others suffer just because. Do not care much about my personal killboard.

Haven’t played for something like 2 years. Rusty, also have to catch up with all the changes.

Busy in real life. Usually available during 20:00 - 00:00 my timezone (at least during workdays), so probably won’t be able to participate in any Call to Arms etc.

Not interested in any life of servitude, in paying some monthly fees etc.

Not switching my current corp at the moment.

If you are interested - we can fly together for some time, see how it goes.

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