Valor Evolved - Let us help you grow and learn =) Alpha welcome!

Valor evolved is a casual corp, we have NO enforced activities, only group when you wish to :slight_smile: We welcome ideas and events that also include any level player. Play your own game or join in.

Current Tax rate is (0%) & no random CTA’s apart from to defend corp equipment.
You are left to you own devices, you can play together, or alone, i.e. we band together for the friendships/community and for fun.

Things to note -
[ Majority industry, WH space as well]
[ We are not subject to war decs at this time unless we deploy a structure. ]
[ English Language & we prefer mature members ]
[ No pirate activity under corp flag allowed, no honor gunning down farmers ]

Join our recruit channel (imgame) ‘VE - Recruit’

A friendly place to do your own thing!
Discord server, no enforced activities, 0% Tax
Currently operating on low membership mode based in Genesis & Placid (high sec for the moment!)

Discord / Zkillboard / Eve-HR Page for applications

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