Vampires arent real

Hello, Vampires aren’t real but they are based on a real thing. To sum it up a Vampire can live forever but he or she must consume the blood of a human being to do so. What could this be based on?

I am thinking the CEO at CCP + the lead game designer are as close as you get to a real life vampire.

  1. They have been at the company for ages
  2. They suck money out of company without providing much if any value back

Thats a real life vampire if you ask me :slight_smile:

Flagged as inappropriate.

Targeting specific employees with insults is no bueno.


Vampires are real. I met one in the late 1980s. So, that disposes of the thread title.

Now, to the rest. Personally singling out people in this way is unhelpful. It’s unhelpful because it doesn’t actually add to the sum total of useful knowledge we severally may have gathered in relation to your point. It is, of course, only your opinion.

And this is mine. These employees together help to create a product. You may like or dislike the results of their efforts, but you do not have to engage with that product. At all.

Tongue-in-cheek your post may be, Dchill (I note the smiley face), but it is like others of your posts in being not quite one thing nor the other. Spit it out, man!

My guy, stop spamming posts like this, especially ones targeting specific people. Unless your goal is pissing off all of New Eden (which you’re doing a damn good job at), you’re not going to accomplish whatever you’re trying to.

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Neither is Mike.
Mike is just a idol. Sort of an symbol for freedom if you will.

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Quite Inappropriate. Flagged - stylishly.

Also … SaveMike and ehm … Amarr Victor. Yes, SaveVictor too.


I also flagged this post as inappropriate.


“Real life” vampire? But you just said vampires aren’t real so your post invalidates your thread.

Also, vampires don’t make sure that a few hundred people can feed their family.

I’ve met a few vampires, the ones who feed on other people’s emotions.
I think you are such a vampire.

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Calm down miner

Calm down miner

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That is appropriate. :slight_smile:

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Pffff, not “inappropriate” but still only Vocabulary level 2.

I’ve never been called a miner before. Consider me tickled.



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