Butterfly Effect - Real Life

Do any of you remember the Butterfly Effect video ?

Several years ago I was in one of the more well known incursion fleet groups.

At the time I was not in a good state of health and had not been for many years. I was at a point where I had blacked out twice without any apparant reason, amongst other physical symptoms clearly visible. Doctors were dismissing me, saying nothing was wrong and dismissing symptoms to generic allergies.

Within the incursion fleet was a certain scottish gentleman that liked to talk on a topic when there was a lull in action. It was one day in one of those fleets that that player gave a talk on a topic that saved my life: aspartame.

I had spent 27 years in a state of absolute drugged out state without even being aware of it simply because of the massive reaction my body was having to the substance. The level of damage done was not small. I have papers that state I was an alcoholic when i have never been an alcoholic, and yet i had all the symptoms of such from the age of a child, growing worse over the years.

Challenging legally such an outrage has been made impossible from civil servants that are more interested in covering their own hides. I just left the country, selling everything and leaving behind one life to start another.

But Eve still went on.
It has been hell, but if this certain gentleman had not of gave his speeches, I would be dead; simple.
I could not have heard the talk of that gentleman if i had not played eve online.
If i had not played eve online, i would be dead, really.
If the spirit of such people (others also) had not been there to support people, asking nothing of others, I would still be living in the same hell I was in for most of my life.

Now I have a life. Never too late to start again, discovering your own character was nothing more than a false perception for so long that you can believe it was actual reality. That is hell. That is aspartame and how it affected me.

Thank you to the Scottish gentleman who saved my life, whoever you are.

Thank you CCP for making a game cool enough to bring the right person to the right place to make such a critical difference to something real outside of the game.


I have always loved that video and I agree that it can apply to real life aspects as well. I too can say that if it wasn’t for some of the people I’ve met in Eve, I wouldn’t have been able to do many things that I have.

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


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