Vanguard Industries Corp - New - Recruiting

Vanguard Industries Corp is seeking new pilots!

Goal: Vanguard Industries Corp is a new corporation looking to grow and expand into null space.

Requirements: All applicants must be 18 or older, have a headset, and be willing to use discord.

Who should apply: We are in need of pilots who desire to learn about economics or combat. While VNGIC does take part in PvE aspects of the game we are building the corporation as a PvP and economic based entity and encourage new players or veterans willing to help train new players to apply in particular.

Benefits: We offer knowledge and friendship to new pilots. VNGIC offers basic financial assistance to new pilots to help get them get a basic set up for what ever role they wish to fulfill within the corporation.

Summary: If your new to the game and have an interest in economics, combat or you’re just a veteran looking to help new players learn we may be the right corporation for you. Please contact Bercht Elben for more information, or stop by our discord

Corporate Motto: Wealth and prosperity can only be obtained though innovation and maintained though force.

A helpful and friendly corporation for new and returning players. If you enjoy a friendly laid back environment in a new and growing corporation please contact Bercht Elben, Tso General, or Saprina in game.


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