Vanguard keeps reinstalling

Vanguard install uncommanded. How do I keep it from reinstalling? I opened a ticket and CCP told me to delete the Vanguard folder, but it gets reinstalled with every update.

I think I am being reasonable when I politely ask to respect what little hard drive space and data caps I have.

Where do you see Vanguard folder? Unde SharedCache or elswere?

I don’t have the issue you are describing but am trying to figure out why is my SharedCache folder rising in size. It’s curently at 36GB and it was around 20ish GB a month ago…

Since I switched to the beta launcher, there’s been an issue with it not properly deleting temp files. Roughly 100GB in temp files built up over the course of a couple months. I’m running through Steam on Linux and from what I’ve read it might just be a proton version issue, but still could be worth checking out. Path to temp files for me (definitely not the same as windows) was ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/SquirrelTemp

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