..... about that uninstall option

I would like to have those 30 GBs back please. So, when can we uninstall this ? I went directly for the folder but it is like 13 GB, wtf the other 17GB go? No, I can’t be bothered to format my PC and install everything over to get rid of it, want to know when we can uninstall this properly?

To all you others lurking in here uselessly, being amused at others losing 30GB, well, to you guys I wish a merry Christmas in advance.


What do you mean you want to uninstall?

Vanguard …

I too would like my 30gb back, any ideas CCP ?

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saw the size and didnt install in the first place

A “raw” method I use when un-installing isn’t as smooth as most programs do it these days is in windows software section, where I select the application and select remove.
I lost track how everything truly works after DOS 3.2 tho. But if it keeps bothering you, it might become worth a try?

i just want my damned 30 GBs back, pronto


How did you ‘uninstall’ the game ? Does it have its own uninstaller ? Did you uninstall via Programs & Features in Control Panel ( assuming its on Windows ) ? Did you just delete some directory ?

It was mentioned in one of the many, many vanguard threads that it uses the files from the shared cache, if i understood correctly, opening the old launcher and verifying the files should remove vanguard.

Or maybe this:

Ccp just make a single ■■■■■■■ vanguard thread, how can you be so daft

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I thought vanguard was like 18gb? or 23?

Past few days have been horrid because of a lack of 1 thread. :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Vanguard is about 30 GBs. The guy who suggested deleting the eve-vanguard-tq folder obviously failed in maths. That folder is 13 GB (which I also mentioned, just not detailed). The issue here is with the remaining 17GB, where tf did those go to exactly? I just want one clean uninstall button, and no, it’s not in programs & features.

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Deleting the vanguard folder could cause the launcher to download it again some time. But i think instead of implementing a uninstall they are just going to allow players to play it again soon.

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I also want the 30gb back, along with an option to remove the other software they installed as sidecars. I can’t believe I got suckered into trying it in the first place.

Any solution regarding this ???

Vanguard kicks butt.

What do these people do?




(I cant believe Pearl Abyss paid over $400M for this seemingly dysfunctional company, but you can argue its their fault since they bought it 5 years ago and should have made some changes by now)

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Gettin’ dat ISK! …really!

Open a ticket, post results

Problem here is often times you either get a half-baked answer or no answer at all. Yeah, Vanguard is over, I want to be able to delete it again, I mean what the heck is this clown show? It’s frikkin 30 GBs total, and 17 GBs of which no clue where it went, you can’t even delete.

Bump. So why this being ignored?

Moderators? Did you approach CCP on this? I mean, it’s not even legal what they are doing at this stage, you guys know that, right? Best to get on this because I’m running out of patience.