Hiding/Removing Vanguard from launcher

Like the title says, is there some way to hide or remove eve vanguard from the launcher?
I get that CCP Games wants people to try and test it but I have zero interest in that thing and I just want it gone.


Yes, please. I keep accidentally clicking on the vanguard icon instead of the EVE icons (because I muscle-memory-click on that space as it’s usually empty) which causes annoying and unnecessary additional mouse clicks to get back to EVE or to force quit Vanguard. -.-

There is no way to remove Vanguard from the launcher, but you can remove the install, see instructions at the bottom of: https://evevanguard.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/11659192194844-Common-Issues-and-Solutions

  • Navigate to C:\EVE\SharedCache and delete the following files

    • eve-vanguard-sisi
    • eve-vanguard-tq
    • index_vanguard_singularity
    • index_vanguard_tranquility
    • Navigate to C:\EVE\SharedCache\ResFiles
    • Delete all files that contain 7 digit numbers
    • Empty your recycle bin

Stealing this. Oh happy cake day

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Ha-Ha Ho-Ho and I thought my jokes were bad.

We know there’s no way, but that’s not the only way, we want a way, please make a way.

Go back to the old launcher…

It’s faster, less cluttered and the launch group always works, unlike the new one which seems to be random which account it logs on, and I only have 2 lol.

I disagree, don’t hide it. Instead entice them on how it interacts with Eve online. Offer some incentive, like harvesting meat from planetary beasts on a good temperate planet could get you some good meat. Spicy meat from lava planets. These are trade goods I want to see in vanguard. I want to be useful to a bounty hunter in the way they can offer me some protection while I harvest meat and other farming products from planets that can plant.

For example you get me some seeds I can plant on a desert planet or barren planet. I can grow a cactus that can make wine that sells for over 30k a glass. It just makes you feel rich and makes your spaceship flash blue and purple with an aura around you that extends outside your spaceship. This stuff makes you hallucinate wealth.