Remove EVE Vanguard

EVE launcher update 1.3.0 changelog 2024 March 20:
Add; There is now an option in the Tools/Cache menu to remove EVE Vanguard, for those who do not want to partake in the First Strike events.

After this auto-update (1.3.1) the remove EVE Vanguard option is missing, all my Accounts still contain unused 4th character “EVE Vanguard”. How to remove EVE Vanguard character from all accounts?


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You don’t.

You can’t. It also doesn’t take up much screen room, so just ignore it if you don’t care for it.

maybe i’m reading the Changelog wrong?


Ok I missed this, I found it right where they said it was. It should be there for you as well.

It’s not showing in Tools/Cache menu for me (not that I need it anyway). My launcher version shows 1.3.1.

Guess somebody decided to remove the option to remove the option.

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It likely only shows if you have the game installed. It shows up for me, launcher version 1.3.1

If you are referring to the character portrait, that is how you install Vanguard for now.

Thanks for confirming Uninstall EVE Vanguard Tools option exists.

When the Launcher installs v 1.3.0 update it triggers Launcher-restart, after it reloads all Vanguard character portraits are removed if EVE Vanguard was never installed.
But when you re-start the Launcher again with v 1.3.1 installed the Vanguard character portraits reappear.
oh well…

Moved this into EVE Launcher - EVE Online Forums

I believe this refers to removing the files from disk, not the icon, should use the in-launcher bug reporting to notify the developers though.


confirmed - 2024 June 12 with EVE launcher update 1.4.3 the EVE Vanguard icon has finally disappeared from character selection screen when Vanguard was never installed.

The launcher is now less cluttered. Time to Backup my character profile directory.
Thanks CCP for the 7 Day Free Omega during the Equinox expansion.