Request changes to new EVE Launcher 2024

Request changes to new EVE Launcher 2024

EVE Launcher version 1.2.2 = 2024 Jan 17

A) option to remove/uninstall EVE Vanguard characters.
B) add Account Label text option from Legacy Launcher.
C) option to change characters 1/2/3 lineup order.
D) add Backup option for account/character Photon UI Game settings.
E) Launcher restart updates account/character information updates not timer.
F) option to delay/stop Launcher and Game Client Updates (metered inet).

Kudos for current Launcher Features:

  1. able to resize character list to single column.
  2. able to drag account position up or down list.
  3. last signed-in account & character remembered.
  4. game client 2 second startup delay option.
  5. character quick launch.
  6. launch to character select for daily rewards.
  7. easy Bug reporting.

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