Vanguard desktop shortcut?

What the Hek were you guys thinking? Why did you have to drop a link to Eve Vanguard on our desktops? For a game that is currently not even playable and that will remain in alpha/beta/early-access for months to come? For a game that is already spammed to all accounts in the launcher? Why?


If you right click it, you can delete it.

No need to cry so much.


Did that, now it’s back.

What now genius?

Or are we crying too much?


Ok, next step is to check the power cables.

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Really? This is your complaint-of-the-day?

You probably need to go outside for a bit, kid.

Agreed, I’m currently uninstalling the whole EvE client and launcher to try and get rid of it as Vanguard is just garbage and unplayable despite the following;

Intel i5 12 gen
New Gigabyte MB
64gig DDR4 Kingston Technologies Fury Ram
AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT
Triple SSD, C drive on new 2tb NVME
HDR Monitor

All new up to date cables etc.

If it won’t run on this then it can go away and never be seen on here again.

Except it runs just fine on my machine which has much worse specs than you. So either I’m a computer wiz (I’m not) or your PC is configurated badly. Take your pick, tiger.

Every time I use the Eve launcher to play Eve Online game the shortcut for ‘Vanguard’ is reinstalled to my desktop…I delete it and next time I use the launcher it is installed again. I’ve never played ‘Vanguard’. Is there any way to stop the shortcut from being re-applied/installed?

Well there is a playtest for the next few days. If you sre omega, try it out

Why do trolls always feel it is necessary to post something, which does not apply to the question being asked? I asked: “…Is there any way to stop the shortcut from being re-applied/installed…”

There is. Look in the pc files

Could you be more precise?

“EVE\SharedCache\eve-vanguard-tq i think thats the right folder

It’s not and it doesn’t answer the question.

Best you can do is open a support ticket. I doubt support will be able to help you but at least the issue will be raised with the devs.

They did not include a uninstall function. You have to get to the files to delete vanguard

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Use this

Eventually this got fixed. I noticed with launcher version 1.2.5 the icon was not placed again on our desktops. (Tho it is still present in the launcher even on alpha accounts…)