Vector Galactic - Recruiting for Lowsec PvP

Boop de doobady doo

Ding! Still looking for folk!

Aint no party like a G-REG party cos a Vector party don’t STOP

Still looking!

Come and be a pirate!

Lowsec is cool guys. We have redheads

It is you we’re looking for

If you join up, Nat will do some ASMR for Syco and let us record it for comedy purposes!

Vector Galactic, still recruiting for lowsec pirates!

Are you interested in being a lowsec pirate? Come one, come all, and join us!

Accepting promising tackle pilots that don’t need no anchor.

Join us on our quest for glory!

Still looking for those sweet pirates with the dank bants

Git Gud. Git Vector. :dealwithitparrot:

Have you ever wanted to hear angels sing? Join vector today

Recruiting capable redheads to pvp

Have you ever wanted to be in fleet with the legendary Vincent ‘Hero of Asakai’ Pryce? Well now you can. He tackles things sometimes and sometimes those things are titans we get to kill.

We like people, places and things

Still doing things!

Come pew!