Vector Galactic - Recruiting for Lowsec PvP

Our leadership will all be exposed for various sexual misconducts six months from now, until then we are the kings of L.A. :rofl:


still recruiting, max duders

Grade A corp, hard to beat, 10/10 would do again



Its a shame Discord hates Parrots =(

:dealwithitparrot: but forums don’t, neiter do we. Come join us at the parrot cartel at parrot galactic.

We are still open and recruiting! Bonus points for redheads and people who fly Nestors!

Still looking for active redheads! (Other hair colors also accepted, I guess.)

Looking for pilots to help us take over the world. We offer Dental and Vision benefits.

Are you looking for a place to dump fun stuff on unsuspecting seals? Join Vector Today!

Those seals need clubbers. Join today!

I like turtles and new recruits!

Still looking for more fresh blood!

LF New Recruits!

If you’re looking for a groovy time, we got it

Be chill, and get some lowsec PVP all around ya

Still recruiting. Join people who sometimes enjoy the game!

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