Venture Beyond the Ordinary in Nullsec with 4S

We not laidback at all - we like our members active.

Join 4S β€” Explore over 20 years of robust PvP and industrial activity in New Eden.

Join our selective EVE corporation, 4S, a key player and a powerhouse in New Eden’s history for over 20 years, offering extensive member benefits including active voice comms, PvP, and a robust industry. Reach out to us via our in-game channel 4S Lounge or Discord to connect with a recruiter today!

Join, Learn, Excel with 4S β€” A balance of PvP engagement and industrial growth in New Eden.

Make Your Mark with 4S β€” Join us for a consistent and collaborative PvP and industrial environment.

Here is some Blops 4S activities, feel free to check my channel for more 4S content.

Participate in 4S β€” Where two decades of tactical PvP and industrial operations unite.