Venture Independance is Recruiting

Welcome to Venture Independance

Lets get something straight first. We spelt independence wrong… So we are sticking with it and we are going with the french spelling from now on. Great, that’s all cleared up. Moving on…

We are a PVE & Industrial Corp which is around 1 month old. We have a few really cool guys in the corp already. Some new pilots and some very experienced pilots.

We run mining ops whenever we have enough people online, we have weekly giveaways for corporation members, a huge selection of BPO’s & BPC’s, loads of free modules & ships that we can supply to new pilots that are struggling to get anywhere at the start of their eve career.

We have mining barge loan schemes, ore buyback programs, BPO research payments, mining operations with Orca boosts and plenty more to offer.

We are very active on discord with many users on the voice chat when its busy. We require discord usage, if you can’t use voice at least be able to listen in for fleet commands.

We are currently recruiting anyone and everyone as we build our numbers. More specifically we are currently gearing up to start doing corporation run Vanguard Incursion sites as a fleet to make sure everyone can make decent iskies! We are looking for combat and logistic pilots specifically for the incursion sites however we are also looking for more miners and industrialists.

The main idea behind this corp was to create a place for people to make friends and fly together while in eve. Eve can be very lonely even though so many players are in the game. We have a really nice community already and its growing really nicely.

If you are interested please contact us now!

You can join our discord here if you want to have a chat:

You can also hop into our public chat “VEN-PUB” if you want to have a chat with us in game!

Fly safe, o7


We are still recruiting! Heavily recruiting Logi & Combat pilots for our Vanguard Incursions. Looking for some fun fleet experience? Join us now!

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