Verify files (Shared Cache) speed issues

I like to verify file integrity each time I start EVE and I do it on 3 boxes (3 different computers).

My newest 2 computers execute this task easily in a minute or so. Can anybody help figure out why it takes the oldest one almost an hour to execute the scan? Processor i7 with 24G RAM,

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Drive tech maybe ?

The speed will likely be more dependent on the harddrive speed more so than the ram/CPU, do all 3 systems have the same type of harddrive (SSD vs HD) ?

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thanks for the help - no, the oldest machine is some years older and, after running some tests, I suspect the hard drive is the culprit. Computer is HP h9-1315t HDD ST200DM001 - driver date is 6/21/2006 and driver is “the best for this drive” - I could update the drive but is it worth it just to fix this one issue lol?

The game runs fine with most settings turned to high. I can understand updates and such taking a little longer if the hard drive is slow, but an hour? That’s what makes me suspicious that something else is also at work.

Anyway, thanks for the attention; if you can think of something, please let me know.


did you killed the drive with all these unnecessary integrity scans

the drive works fine - I don’t notice any problems other than when I run the verification, which is mostly to get rid of extraneous files.

For that HP model most of the options were spinning disc hard drives rather than solid state. The only solid state option was 255GB - quite expensive at the time compared to TB sized HDDs.

An hour feels long - but given the size of Eve I’d be expecting a fair time; tens of minutes maybe. Get a coffee time… Especially if the drive interface is contested and slow.

You really don’t need to verify on every launch - I do it periodically since my drive is getting a little full and it can save a few GB every few weeks.

Especially since my other two computers only take about a minute (or less) to verify files - I’m guessing it’s time to purchase an SSD.

I might mention what is probably a myth - many believe that verifying files every time they load up EVE will lessen the number of DC’s they get. Disconnects come in bunches it seems and they increase in appearance after updates, which is the core of the belief that verifying files will decrease them. I, myself, am not convinced there is a connection.

It’s difficult to evaluate a solution to something that you can’t reproduce.
For all we know, It may as well increase the issues, yet you don’t realize it.
If you can, reliably, get a disconnect below 10min after connecting, then you may be able to compare several installations. One that checks data after each startup, versus one that does not.

I think the correct thing to do, would be to trace the network calls to check the source of the disconnect. I have no idea how to do that on Eve though.

you can use an app such as pingplotter but that will only tell you what’s going on down the internet connections and not at the eventual server, in this case the EVE server.

AFAIK that’s where the issues originate.

It could also be your network infrastructure ?

so two EVE computers work perfectly and the other doesn’t? How would that relate to network infrastructure? Also, there are 18 other devices in the family all working perfectly on my network.

You claim the “disconnect” issue comes from the Eve Server. I say it could come from your network infrastructure (including your ISP infrastructure…)

And yes, two computers can behave differently and still there is an issue in your infrastructure.

without knowing the other drive models, hard to provide insight. Its unlikely the driver version is the issue.

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