Versatile sin pilot 37bill 39.6 mill sp

this now for sale:

  • Proteus
  • loki
  • Legion

*Force recons
*Pirate cruisers

All Medium&small guns T2
Large Hybrids&Projectiles T2

T2 Heavy assault missiles Heavy missiles t2 rockets T2 Light missiles T2

Small&medium ewar T2 ships

And many more

29 billion.

ty for ur bid but a tad to low 35 will sell

I will offer 31b

31.5 please post skills on eveboard current link doesn’t work


32.5 assuming eveboard matches description and not tons of waste

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same as bertstare, but 33b

if its this character which for all intensive purposes it is, im curious as to how this is even considered a sin pilot, given Blops is 0 and no race has BS 5 and JDC. Assuming of course that eveboard is upto date. which of course it might not be.
But an upto date skillboard that works would help :slight_smile:

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